"I can't tell you how proud I am" | Ryan Mason | Spurs 2-1 Southampton

Pubblicato il 21 apr 2021
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Ryan Mason speaks to Spurs TV following Tottenham Hotspur's 2-1 win against Southampton in the Premier League.
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Tottenham Hotspur
  • S A

    S A

    9 giorni fa

    Spurs should take this guy and sign him as their permanent manager 🤷

  • oz ozturk

    oz ozturk

    13 giorni fa


  • Fair Justice

    Fair Justice

    14 giorni fa

    Bales play, Spurs win! Don't understand why Jose doesn't play Spurs most expensive player!!!?

  • Mike Weston

    Mike Weston

    14 giorni fa

    Give him a chance

  • khalid bb

    khalid bb

    14 giorni fa

    Big respect for this guy

  • beyond ultragaming

    beyond ultragaming

    14 giorni fa

    Getting 3 points without harry kane and also coming behind from 1 nill down shows how much fight he shows as a manager could be a decent manager in the future

  • Eavy Eavy

    Eavy Eavy

    14 giorni fa

    Looking forward for 5th year of Arsenil Day.

  • Red pilling

    Red pilling

    15 giorni fa

    This guy got picked over Chris Powell and Ledley king, hmm ok then...

  • Cam882000


    16 giorni fa

    It's still Jose's team atm. Hope mason does well. Will be an intresting end to the season, losts of pressure for a first time manager. All the best

  • Little Piano Boy

    Little Piano Boy

    16 giorni fa

    The smartest n genius Mason with highest iq in his skull...

  • HU8225 Channel

    HU8225 Channel

    16 giorni fa

    Godd luck for remaining games

  • Carlo Caiani

    Carlo Caiani

    16 giorni fa

    Tottenham will win on sunday and come into top 4 in Premier league..!!

  • ronin xvz

    ronin xvz

    16 giorni fa

    Wow Ryan Mason you beat SOUTHAMPTON. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!!

  • pyrogian


    16 giorni fa

    he's been through a lot and he still gives it all to tottenham, the guys gave him a win ty all

  • Ardiyanto Prastyawan

    Ardiyanto Prastyawan

    16 giorni fa

    We need manager cam ☺️

  • Trevin Whitehead

    Trevin Whitehead

    17 giorni fa

    Tottenham are built to attack not to sit back and defend, no shade to Mourinho this team just isnt made for his play style. Tottenham need an attack minded coach to dictate the game. Kane, Son, Bale, and co., can dominate in the attacking third if Spurs force the issue. Mason knew this and in the second half we saw the strength of this team. #COYS

  • Sean O'Connor

    Sean O'Connor

    17 giorni fa

    Keep on winning these games and finish top 4!!! #COYS!

  • James 225

    James 225

    17 giorni fa

    100% win record in his whole career, goated

  • This is a fox

    This is a fox

    17 giorni fa

    Ryan "100% Win Record" Mason

  • 손흥민팬


    17 giorni fa

    Ryan mason is Tottenham's god.
    Mourinho was evil.

  • Mr. Rahul

    Mr. Rahul

    17 giorni fa

    I hope Ryan goes on to be top manager.. its sad he had to retire before he reached his prime..

  • Mr Tada

    Mr Tada

    17 giorni fa

    Good win but we have to focus on are next game

  • Venom Z

    Venom Z

    17 giorni fa

    Hope he will be our Permanent coach if he wins like this

  • Tti Rori

    Tti Rori

    17 giorni fa

    Hope he wins the cup final and stays as permanent manager. With what happened with Jose, maybe we need a manager who is more approachable and could maximize team chemistry more than just ‘world class’ boss who won various silverware

  • Taha Hadada

    Taha Hadada

    17 giorni fa

    I am loving this

  • Tazwar Zafir

    Tazwar Zafir

    17 giorni fa

    Where's Mason-Cam admin?

  • 숲윾싀머튽


    17 giorni fa

    You did it Mason!! Nice Job and keep going for other matches #COYS

  • Benyz


    17 giorni fa

    From Hull City to a Tottenham manager

  • strangetranceoffaith


    17 giorni fa

    He's one of our own He's one of our own Ryan Mason's one of our own

  • Bladez_Mylez


    17 giorni fa

    He is the best manager in the prem,
    He has a 100% win record
    0 Losses in the prem
    Already reached a cup final

  • Sayem.


    17 giorni fa

    He done the opposite of Mourinho. We concede late with Mou but we scored late with Mason

  • Abi


    17 giorni fa

    my gaffer💙

  • heung min Son

    heung min Son

    17 giorni fa

    Hello. Ryan Mason. Nice meet you.😊

  • mohamed aziz abdelmoumen

    mohamed aziz abdelmoumen

    17 giorni fa

    I'm not a spurs fan , but it's beautiful to see this man another time on the pitch even as a manager this time cauz Mason had difficult times when he was playing with the head injury . Now Let's forget the past and continue working in this post he can not survive withouth football , it's encouraging that he is 29 y,o and winning his first PL game ever ❤

  • Ronel Koti

    Ronel Koti

    17 giorni fa

    Come on you spurs

  • Gameboys NK

    Gameboys NK

    17 giorni fa

    Hopefully we can get top four,well done Mason,COYS

  • Ryan


    17 giorni fa

    The only current manager with a 100 percent win ratio at 29, best manager ever

  • Obama Bin Laden

    Obama Bin Laden

    17 giorni fa

    Ryan Mason is the best manager in the EPL. 100% win percentage.

  • crispy Bacon

    crispy Bacon

    17 giorni fa

    29 years old and wins a game with his centre back older than him. Thanks

  • 안녕입니다


    17 giorni fa

    yay tot won~

  • Itsnulfo


    17 giorni fa

    From an injury that ended his career to leading a team he’s played for to victory. Proud ‼️

  • Tony Buttigieg

    Tony Buttigieg

    17 giorni fa

    Its not often that we have a chance to play in a cup final, so lets give something to the fans, dont blow it its the only thing we can achive this season.

  • S K

    S K

    17 giorni fa

    Ryan Mason: a former pro football player, no major titles, loved by everyone, charming, humble and at the beginning of his managerial career. In other words, the exact opposite of the previous manager.

  • Fatumason Fatumason

    Fatumason Fatumason

    17 giorni fa

    Congratulation mason

  • Me Duh Guy

    Me Duh Guy

    17 giorni fa

    Only true legenz remember that he broke his skull in 16/17 season for hull against chelsea, congratz

  • nyoman indra pranata

    nyoman indra pranata

    17 giorni fa

    Young Roy Hodgson 👏🏼

  • Jennus Titus

    Jennus Titus

    17 giorni fa


  • Young C

    Young C

    17 giorni fa

    Saw him that he wanted to push more at the end, and liked his strong mentality. Great job and happy for him.

  • Christenson


    17 giorni fa

    Ryan Mason: Listen

  • Henrique Nogueira

    Henrique Nogueira

    17 giorni fa


  • Alex Murray-Bruce

    Alex Murray-Bruce

    17 giorni fa

    He has a better win percentage than Mourinho and pep, what a beast

  • spurs fan

    spurs fan

    17 giorni fa

    Keep it spurs

  • Mochammad Asep Nurrochmat

    Mochammad Asep Nurrochmat

    17 giorni fa

    Well done, Boss Ryan 🙌

  • Aa Qs

    Aa Qs

    17 giorni fa

    much better than Mourinho

  • Kaki Sedut

    Kaki Sedut

    17 giorni fa

    sell the rubbish ndombele.. always disrupting the attack.. overated. does he think he's maradona??

  • Arga Wibisono

    Arga Wibisono

    17 giorni fa

    Carabao cup final here we come! Let's win it, never have ever be proud just to be one of the finalist it's time to lift the trophy! It's been 13 year, now or never! #COYS

  • PDX Naehyun

    PDX Naehyun

    17 giorni fa

    Big ups to Ryan Mason for the positive subs, and what he pulled off, given only 2 days with the club. COYS!

  • Alex Carter

    Alex Carter

    17 giorni fa

    You know I don’t really like Spurs but despite that I do kinda wanna see him do well

  • forest kim

    forest kim

    17 giorni fa

    I love this team
    I love this boss

  • Mark Shaz

    Mark Shaz

    17 giorni fa

    Well done Ryan, on to the next game, just do the best you can for top 4 this season.

  • Arber kaltani

    Arber kaltani

    17 giorni fa

    we need to beat man city man cmon man

  • La rouge

    La rouge

    17 giorni fa

    The most handsome and youngest team manager in history since the PL was launched!

  • aRusty Cow

    aRusty Cow

    17 giorni fa

    My man of the match giovani lo celso baller

    • Sebastian Valentin

      Sebastian Valentin

      17 giorni fa

      he was awful wdym??????

  • Fire Flame-Blaze

    Fire Flame-Blaze

    17 giorni fa

    I'm happy for Mason's first win. Congratulations

  • Sonic Juice

    Sonic Juice

    18 giorni fa

    Could anyone imagine Spurs not winning a trophy in 12 years or something lol and Ryan Mason winning one in 7 days😂😂



    18 giorni fa

    Well done Sir 😍

  • freshman123455


    18 giorni fa

    We finally see the real Spurs's spirit again. No matter what club you support, when you see good football, you cant not be happy for the team. Really happy to see Bale, coming back to his best again, and the team attacking fluidly in the second half.Amazing stuff.

    From a United Fan.

  • Darren Brown

    Darren Brown

    18 giorni fa

    Love Ryan speaks well, no riddles. Coys

  • Charlie Prince

    Charlie Prince

    18 giorni fa

    You have to love this guy, passionate and come at a hard time, big respect

  • Ahmer Ejaz

    Ahmer Ejaz

    18 giorni fa

    Get this man A medal

  • Josh Gandy

    Josh Gandy

    18 giorni fa

    Got high hopes for this guy, I like him a lot COYSSSSS



    18 giorni fa

    One of our own ⚪️⚪️⚪️

  • sushant bhusal

    sushant bhusal

    18 giorni fa

    Thank u Ryan

  • Samuel Collier

    Samuel Collier

    18 giorni fa

    Ryan Certainly know what hes talking about i can actually understand him too

  • Samuel Collier

    Samuel Collier

    18 giorni fa

    i can see ryan mason being our manager he's positive and he wants spurs to be an attacking team just what we used to be good on ya ryan make us feel proud to support tottenham! #COYS

  • Taco Games

    Taco Games

    18 giorni fa

    Tbh our tactic was very basic stuff. I think he didn't get much time. But it was way better than just defending and counter attacking.

  • TemperEclipse


    18 giorni fa

    We did better in one game than Jose did for us his whole Tottenham career

  • Ian 147

    Ian 147

    18 giorni fa

    Great effort from the lads! Congratulations Ryan. COYS

  • Kin Lyfeld

    Kin Lyfeld

    18 giorni fa

    I'm just happy to see Mason again, after all that's happened. I don't expect a win every time but the second half looks really good, hope to see more of that



    18 giorni fa

    Genuine guy

  • Antoine Griezmann

    Antoine Griezmann

    18 giorni fa

    The fact that bale is older than him🤣🤣🤣

    • Antoine Griezmann

      Antoine Griezmann

      17 giorni fa

      @La rouge bale not kane sorry I wrote kane bymistake

    • La rouge

      La rouge

      17 giorni fa


  • Saimeer Ghanto

    Saimeer Ghanto

    18 giorni fa

    We were very good in the second half

  • JoLo 17

    JoLo 17

    18 giorni fa

    ryan the lion mason 💪

  • Pablo Muerta

    Pablo Muerta

    18 giorni fa

    It might be too early for this, but i liked how Mason talks about the team and results, just like Pochettino, no additional bragging, whining, sarcasm, just humbly admiring the results for the players and the club.He has clear simple short term goal, to play braver and aggresive.He love Spurs, we can see it in his eyes.

  • Atılay Helvacı

    Atılay Helvacı

    18 giorni fa


  • Jamie Lee

    Jamie Lee

    18 giorni fa




    18 giorni fa




    18 giorni fa

    That fis pump at the end top man 👊🏻

  • Johnathan Suwyn

    Johnathan Suwyn

    18 giorni fa

    I was hard watching attacking football for once in a year.

  • Jadn Brwn

    Jadn Brwn

    18 giorni fa

    If this man gets us top4 or maybe even top 3 and a trophy it would be a mistake not to give this man a contract

    • vairo dejongste

      vairo dejongste

      17 giorni fa

      @Jedi Jason but maybe top5 still good

    • vairo dejongste

      vairo dejongste

      17 giorni fa

      @Jedi Jason eh no that is chelsea

    • Jedi Jason

      Jedi Jason

      17 giorni fa

      If this man gets us top4 or maybe even top3 and a trophy, I will pray him as God

  • Daniel R. Mejia

    Daniel R. Mejia

    18 giorni fa

    Fantastic dt

  • Orlando


    18 giorni fa

    He radiates positivity. JM should've learned from him.

    • Sonic Juice

      Sonic Juice

      18 giorni fa

      Jose, I'm double his age I'm not learning any shit from him, Lol🤣🤣

  • D HJ

    D HJ

    18 giorni fa

    Cheap & temporary replacement courtesy of cheapskate bald head levy. In no time this young lad will be fired.

  • Sa Da

    Sa Da

    18 giorni fa

    Coys 😃😉😀😄😀

  • mhtbfecsq1


    18 giorni fa

    Well done Ryan and the lads. See we can dominate a whole half and go for the win and get it even when some players aren't playing their best and also without Harry.

  • Ameir Syahmie

    Ameir Syahmie

    18 giorni fa

    Final lets goo!

  • wezt mawlieh

    wezt mawlieh

    18 giorni fa

    I saw the spirit of all the players and mostly the team spirit make spur won the game

  • Zairul Bin Mohamad

    Zairul Bin Mohamad

    18 giorni fa

    We are so proud of you Ryan!!!!



    18 giorni fa

    I think he muat thanks to Jose mourinho



    18 giorni fa

    So happy to see him back, that injury he had two years ago was horrendous